Swiss National Day Tour: The Water Theme

In Switzerland we celebrate August 1st as Bundesfeiertag, Jour de la fête nationale, Giorno della festa nazionale and Di da la festa naziunala. That’s the advantage to be in country with four official languages: One National Day in multiple languages :-). I admit that English is kind of 5th language, so for the readers in the US: August 1st is what is July 4th for you, so our ‘Independence Day’. Only that we claim our independence back to the year of 1291 :-).

Spiez Castle

Spiez Castle

Traditionally, I spend the day with my family, but because this year both my daughters had their own travel plans (they get independent too!!!), it was time for yet another motor bike tour with my wife through the Swiss Alps. The weather was interesting: after an intensive rain period, it cleared up in the morning, with sunshine during the day, and heavy thunderstorms and rain in the evening. We had everything :-). I only show the nice pictures, and I keep the theme: ‘Water’ :-).

💡 Click on pictures to enlarge.

Lake Lungern on the way to Brünig Pass:



Lake Brienz:



Family Fun 1:

Family Fun 1

Family Fun 1

Family Fun 2:

Family Fun 2

Family Fun 2

Lake Thun with Spiez Castle:


Spiez Castle with Thunersee

Multiple waterfalls, Col du Pillon:

Waterfal Col Du Pillon

Waterfall on Col du Pillon

Happy Watering 🙂

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