Girls for Science!

Working in an engineering domain of electrical engineering and computer science, female engineers are clearly the minority, at least in my country. For example the ETH Zurich has less than 30% female students. The US National Science Foundation had published articles on that subject: Interestingly, 70% of young girls are interested in math and science, but they lose that interest afterwards.

Verizon Commercial 2014 (Source: Youtube)

Verizon Commercial 2014 (Source: Youtube)

Verizon created a commercial “Inspire Her Mind” showing the influence parents can have:

I’m proud about both of my daughters, with one on an engineering path. I think we all, and especially parents, have a responsibility for the society to break down traditional roles. And our behaviour has a big impact.

Happy Sciencing 🙂

1 thought on “Girls for Science!

  1. Really good commercial.
    I also have 2 daughters and I hoped that at least one of them would follow engineering..I tried to involve them in my projects. I “lost” the older one, she is studying medicine, maybe I will “grab” the younger one 🙂


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