What Meetings feel like for Engineers

My students and everyone in my office know me: I’m a HUGE fan of Dilbert. There is rarely a lecture for which I do not have a Dilbert cartoon which shows the daily life of an engineer  in as few as 3 cartoons. Humor is a good way to reflect behaviour and to have a laugh, so usually I tell every week a fun story to the class. I collect fun stories from students, from my family, my peers, or from my life as teacher, researcher and engineer.

And here I share my newest fun story (a video this time): An engineer as ‘expert’ in a business/requirement meeting. The task is simple: create seven red lines. But the twist is that these lines must be perpendicular

The Meeting with the Expert

The Meeting with the Expert

Guess who is the engineer in the video below?

The sketch was written and directed by Lauris Beinerts and is based on the (Russian language) short story, “The Meeting,” by Alexey Berezin.

I’m under the pain of sleep deprivation in preparation for a conference in the US I’m going to attend next week. But that video made my day (well night :-)).

Happy Experting 🙂

PS: I have seen all aspects of that video in real meetings. I just had one this week 😉

8 thoughts on “What Meetings feel like for Engineers

    • Bill,
      my funny story around Dilbert is that I knew a person which was somewhat like the ‘pointy haired boss’: he found the Dilberts funny, but did not realize that it was like a mirror :-).


  1. this is so true! it’s almost painfully true sometimes! oh how i have encountered this many times..dealing with business type idiots, they’re in business positions cause they don’ have the brains or math skills for engineering or development roles…


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