Maximize Eclipse Views

As outlined in my earlier post about hiding the toolbar: it is important to me that I have a flexible way to use my screen real estate. There is another thing I need frequently: I’m using a small Eclipse window like this one:

Eclipse Perspective

Eclipse Perspective

I want to edit my source files, but all the other views are using space as well. Yes, I need them accessible too, but not now where my focus is the source file in the middle.

Well, I can easily arrange the other views, make them smaller and so on, But then I have to undo that later on to get my original layout.

There is something simple and better: I simply double-click on the tab of the view 🙂 Alternatively I could use the context menu too, but double clicking is much faster an easier:

Maximize Context Menu

Maximize Context Menu

That maximizes that view so I have my screen real estate pretty much dedicated only to this view:

Maximized Editor View

Maximized Editor View

To restore it back to the normal size, I double-click again on the view tab. Alternatively I could the ‘Minimize’ context menu in the view tab or use the ‘Restore’ button here:

Restore Views Button

Restore Views Button

That trick does not only work for the editor view, but for any other view in Eclipse. That way I can switch between all the views with focus on what is important.

Happy Maximizing 🙂

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