Lucerne Määs 2017



Lucerne Määs

Spent too much time today in the office, leaving it late at night. It is the time of the Lucerne ‘Määs’, captured that picture with reflections on the water. Time to get home and to get some sleep….

Happy Lunaparking 🙂


Dealing with Eclipse and Very Small Icons on Ultra High Density Displays

More and more these very-very-high-resolution (UHD, Ultra-High-Density) notebook displays show up in my class rooms.These displays have 3100×1800 or even more pixels, making it great for watching high-resolution videos or for playing games (maybe?). But such a high-resolution makes many tools including Eclipse very hard to use, because the toolbar icons get so tiny that they are really hard to hit with a mouse cursor on Windows:

Eclipse Icons with UHD Display

Eclipse Icons with UHD Display

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