Winter is not over yet…

Overnight the higher areas received lots of snow, while it was raining in the lower areas, creating a ‘blue, white and green painting’. A new rain and snow weather front is coming, but there was a small blue sky window in the morning. With the sun coming up in my back, I captured the view towards the snow-covered Rigi mountain range:

Rigi, Snow and Green

Rigi, Snow and Green (click to enlarge)

Happy Snowing 🙂

5 thoughts on “Winter is not over yet…

    • Yes, it is really a ‘so-called-winter’: this winter was unusually warm, only with little snow compared to ‘normal’ years. There are still a few months were winter could strike back 😉


      • Yeah!
        Since there are snow and a green grass same time it must be windy-good conditions for hanggliders:)
        Here is winters more black-n-white: much more snow and no green colors at all.


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