Railway Station Winter Panoramic View


Travelling with the Swiss railway system has its own benefits: beside of the ability to do work (emails, documents, meeting preparation) while travelling, it has the advantage of beautiful views.

Mythen covered with Snow

Mythen Peaks covered with Clouds and Snow

And if you want to have a multi-monitor-screensaver-background-180°-degree-view 🙂 from one of my favorite railway train stations, here we go (the station is on the left behind me):

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Kapellbrücke Luzern

Kapellbrücke Luzern: Sunset over the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

Nearly every day I travel through Lucerne by train. One of the most beautiful places in Lucerne is just a few meters away from the train station: The Kapellbrücke. Today I realized that I have never posted a picture of it. And because we had such a beautiful sunset light this evening, here we go:

Happy Bridging 🙂


Updated Percepio Tracealyzer and Trace Library to Version V2.7.0

Percepio has recently released the v2.7 version of Tracealyzer (see this link). This is a major upgrade from the v2.6 version which I have used so far: time to upgrade my Trace component for FreeRTOS to the latest and greatest v2.7!

FreeRTOS Plus Trace View

FreeRTOS+Trace View (V2.7)

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