Customize my Workspace Perspectives

Eclipse and CodeWarrior are great. But as with most great things, they get even better if I can customize it for my needs. As outlined in my earlier posts (Eclipse Full Screen Plugin, Hide and Show Eclipse Toolbar, Maximize Eclipse Views) there is already great flexibility.

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Eclipse Full Screen Mode Plugin

The great thing with blogging is: I receive great comments, questions and ideas. The great thing with Eclipse/CodeWarrior is that the extensions are almost unlimited :-). For my earlier post on hiding the toolbar I received a tip for another way which even is better: a plugin to switch Eclipse into full screen mode. Here is how to install it and how it looks…

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Hide and Show Eclipse Toolbar

Screen real estate is important to me. Especially working on a small notebook screen I want to get the most out of it. And I know: all the cool (and fancy) UI items in Eclipse have a price.

So how to get more space for important things like my source files? Eclipse has feature to hide the toolbar completely. For this I simply use the context menu and select ‘Hide Toolbar’: Continue reading