CDE Hacking: Components with Multiple Files

Typically a Processor Expert component creates two files: a header file and a source file. That’s fine for normal drivers. But this does not work well for more complicated things like an RTOS or communication stacks: these are built from a whole set of source files. So how can I generate multiple files with a Processor Expert Component?

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Freescale Announces $13 ARM Cortex-M0+ Microcontroller Board

Exactly the thing I was looking for! A small and affordable 32bit board with easily accessible microcontroller signals. The Freescale Tower boards are great, but the PCI Express connectors are not that ideal. I love that normal Berg connectors 🙂

Chris Ainslie

It seems there’s a plethora of new development boards coming onto the market at the moment, all very well priced and an absolute boon to makers and tinkerers.


The latest to be released is the new ARM Cortex-M0+ (32bit) from Freescale at only $13!

Now go play!

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There is an ARM to Trace

When I added ‘support for ARM/Kinetis‘ to my bucket list in my Percepio+Trace post, I knew it will not be straight forward. But it was a lot harder than I thought. I had to burn many week-end hours. But finally I have Percepio Trace with FreeRTOS up and running for Kinetis and ARM Cortex-M4 with CodeWarrior for MCU10.2 :-).

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