Breakpoints with Special Effects

As promised back in Percepio, I want to have it ported and working with the Freescale Cortex-M4/Kinetis in CodeWarrior. That’s what I’m working on now, deep into the night. While doing this, I had to generate a lot of trace data, and I used the script I presented in that earlier post: Setting a breakpoint in the trace buffer wrapper event and then export the data. But there has to be an even better way, and indeed there is one: Breakpoints with Special Effects!

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Touch the Screen: Apes with Apps

I have received a new touchscreen, and all what I want to do with it in the next weeks is to get it up and running with one of my Tower modules. Touchscreens are such a great thing, not only because of Apple, iPad and all the other tablet providers. It is such a great and intuitive way to communicate with machines. And here is a great article I got forwarded at the University right on that subject:

Apes with Apps: IEEE Spectrum Article

Apes with Apps: IEEE Spectrum Article

Apes with Apps is about how Apes (Bonobos, to be exact) are great communicators with tablets and touch screens. Worth reading.

Happy Touching 🙂